Sunday, December 20, 2009

How many bouquets would $210 have bought me....

How sad that there are wedding bouquet vendors outside the Supreme Court, where you (among other things) go to get divorced.

And it gets even better on the inside:

Whatever, dude. I could certainly think of more fun ways to spend 210 bucks!


  1. That is terribly ironic indeed. I wonder who most of the bouquet customers are? People who already have a lover waiting in the wings? It wouldn't be to bright for a party to an impending divorce to make that purchase where the attorney of one's future ex might see. Could they be suggesting reconciling because it's cheaper? You're right that the irony carries right through to the inside with the hearts on the "No whining" sign. I would have thought whining was an inextricable accompaniment to that workplace setting. Do you think maybe the employees are are either courting each other or whining about their jobs?

  2. Ironic, do those vendors even know that people go there to get divorced?! how stupid is that...



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