Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ID theft alert on 12th Street

As they shamelessly ripped up garbage bag after garbage bag and searched the contents right in front of my eyes, I could not help recalling all the voucher copies from CAPS and Entertainment Partners that I throw in the trash almost daily - all with my name, DOB, address and social security number neatly written on them.

Clearly, our next household appliance will have to be a document shredder.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunday night: Japandroids at the Mercury Lounge

When I was single, I used to complain about the scarcity of tall men in New York. However, while I never seemed to encounter them elsewhere, they were always in abundance whenever I went to see a band - standing right in front of me, efficiently blocking the view.

Yesterday's show at the Mercury was a much appreciated exception.

Introduction: Chinatown view

This building is located less than 10 feet from the Manhattan bridge, from where I took the pictures. In addition to the non stop traffic, the N, Q, B and D run here every second minute 24 hours a day, making noise that is unbearable even for only a passerby.

This is where people never sleep. No light ever finds its way into their filthy windows. And once their laundry is dry, it is probably even dirtier than before it was tossed into the washing machine.

I wonder how many illegal Chinese immigrants live in each of these apartments. I wonder if they speak a word of English. I wonder if this is how they imagined America.

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