Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fall foliage and daydreaming in Central Park

Just like most other New Yorkers, I always claim I could never, ever live anywhere else - the horror! - and then I will undoubtedly proceed by complaining about everything I hate about the city. The lack of fall and spring season is definitely up there. Windchill in the teens or heatstroke warning with temps in the high 90s and the humidity from hell - take your pick. You want something in-between, you've come to the wrong place!

Fortunately, there are occasional exceptions. I live for those rare, crisp, sunny-but-not-too-sunny autumn days when you can lie for hours on your back in Central Park, daydreaming and squinting at the foliage.

This is what I mean.


  1. lovely pic!
    I would kill somebody to live in new york, haha.

  2. Somebody did a great job editing that ;)


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